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The Little Black Puppy
By: Savannah Kolstad

The air was cold, and the clouds darkened as they blew closer together. I looked out the window for a moment, waiting for my next customer. So far, not a lot of people have showed up today, Just a white man with the weird looking mustache buying cigarettes, and a grouchy old white woman and her grouchy old parrot named Fabio. “Hi. How can I help you?” I asked, hoping that the bird glaring at me would stop soon. It stared into my soul as if I had lots to hide, not that I didn’t have a lot to hide. The old lady smirked. “Boy, just get me two packs of Marlboro 100’s and that’ll be all.” She replied. After handing the old woman her cigs, Just as I reached out to grab the change she had given me, Fabio that devil of a bird flew up and started attacking my face, biting my nose and pulling my hair as it viciously flapped it’s wings to control its velocity. “Shit!” The bird shouted as the old woman pulled it away from my hair, telling me what a brute I was for swatting at the bird as it attacked me and then she slapped me in the face. “Yeah well, You’re welcome lady.” I mumbled sarcastically, as she walked out the door. “Shutup.” The bird said just before she closed the door behind her. “BOY!” Mr. Boobus called me back to the kitchen. “You’re off for the rest of the day!” He grumbled. He drug his enormous feet across the wood floor. Mr. Boobus, you could say was a very sarcastic person. Yeah he was old and he was fat, but he was always good with insults and comebacks, and every once in awhile if there were no customers at our thrift store, he’d just close the store and let me go home early.
I then took off on my bike as I made my way down to the soda machine by one of the buildings. I had 50 cents on me So I was able to get a Coke with that. Just then, I heard a noise, like a tiny barking sound in the garbage can right next to my bike. Then I hear whimpering. I walked up to the garbage can and looked inside, only to find a small black labrador retriever, cowering in fear as it looked up at me. I put my hand to the Pup’s nose. The pup then let out an aggressive growl as I pulled my hand away.  I then attempted to pick up the Pup. The first time, it growled and tried to bite my hand, and then the second time, I was successful. I lifted up the pup higher to see if it was a boy or a girl, but just as i did, the pup struggled and attempted to bite me again as it growled and barked at me. It was a girl. I put her down for a second and she looked up at me. The pup then put her tiny paw on my shin as I picked her up again. This time she did not growl at me but continued to sniff my face. I saw the the pup had multiple injuries, on her side, a cut on her tail, and she was limping. I decided maybe I better take the pup home, assuming that it had no home, I put the pup in the basket I had strapped around my shoulder, and I rode home.
   “Mom! I’m home!” I called out. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed two bowls, and then I took a cup of my other dog’s food and made a bowl of food and water for the pup. The pup looked at the food, sniffing it at first, but then walked up to the bowl of water and in a matter of seconds, the bowl was empty. The pup must’ve been pretty thirsty. Pretty soon, my other dog Charlie who was a white schnauzer, went up to the pup and began to growl at her. I pushed him away with my foot but that didn’t work. “CHARLIE!” I shouted. Soon both dogs were growling at eachother. The growls quickly turned into biting, scratching, and pinning each other down on the ground. The Pup scratched his face as he continued to chase her around my bedroom. “CHARLIE!” I shouted again as I grabbed my Spongebob pillow and began to whacked him with it once. He backed off instantly. I could still hear his mumbled growl as he walked up to his doggie bed and whimpered. He growled again viciously, as he stared at the little black pup. Our other Dog, who was also a schnauzer only dark brown, his sister Roxie anne, growled at him as she looked up at the black pup who continued to eat from the bowl I made. Then she looked back at her clown doll and later fell asleep on her bed. I continued to think of a name for the pup, but I wasn’t so sure. “Dinner!” Mom called me. After feeding all of the animals, The Pup, the schnauzers, our three cats, our two larger dogs, our two parrots, the guinea pig, and our goldfish, I ran downstairs to get my food. As I ate, I heard something break and soon enough, I heard glass break and as I guessed it, growling. Charlie and the Pup were at it again in the living room, as Charlie continued to chase her. I ran up to them to break it up, but my mother with a spray bottle went up and sprayed both of them. The fighting stopped, but mom was furious. “If you want to keep this devil of a dog!” She snapped. “You will have to be responsible for it!” “Yes mam.” I replied, as I carried the black pup back up to my room. The pup looked up at me and nuzzled my face. “This Devil dog…” I thought. I knew just what to call her, Lucifer. Would that be a good name for a devilish pup? I continued to think about it as I turned off my lamp and went to sleep. The pup, climbed up onto my bed, putting her fuzzy face against mine as it soon fell asleep.
Was this the start of a new friendship?
Hey! Sorry if I have not journaled in a while. Been pretty busy. Not to worry I am still alive!
Right now I'm just kind've looking around at different art work and so far I've seen a lot of epic photography and added them to my favorites. Keep up the good work! :D 
Respect for everyone
By: Savannah Kolstad

~Inspiration to those who have felt weighed down by childhood bullying and self-consciousness~  

The world is not my place.
No matter how hard I try,
No matter how hard I try for you, or for anybody else,
Now matter how I feel or how often I smile, laugh, or pretend to be somebody I'm not,
The world will never be my place.
I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry I'm not whoever it is you want me to be.
I'm so very sorry I wasn't who you wanted me to be.
But just for a little reality check,
Not even you, or your lousy, unreal expectations could've stopped me from becoming the person
I am today.
Smart or unintelligent,
Popular or an outcast in school,
"Perfectly" normal or an oddball,
Skinny or fat,
Prepared for this world or not,
Successful or not,
We are all strong.
We are all beautiful.
We are all human, and we all deserve respect.
Respect for everyone
Because I am a human being, and you will not lead me down that road.
Respect for Everyone
Inspiration to those who have felt weighed down by childhood bullying and self-consciousness. 
Today, I found a bunch of my old poems from my earlier years in High school and thought I'd share them with you, 
One of them being a memory that may have happened forever ago, either that or like I mentioned, it could've been a dream. 
Some of my old poems, are political or based off of old opinions. 
Sorry if you find any of them offensive, especially those who do not believe in the same stuff I do.
So if you don't like them, please don't look at it, and no mean comments. 
I have respect for everyone. 
Other than that, I hope you all enjoy my poems.
There are plenty more where that came from. 
:) :) :) 
This is my voice
By: Savannah Kolstad

"This is my voice". She heard as she repeated those words once and again. "This is MY voice". She was a broken girl, her mind messed up, her emotions severed, and her heart into pieces. She knew she was clueless. She knew only fear, not that she had an opinion, and she only knew, not a single man on Earth could save her, for she could trust no one. The rain continuously made noise, as the thunder roared from outside, and the lightening flashed. She continued her thoughts, until the very last word  of her prayer,


"This is my voice." He whispered, and I have my rights to it". He was a crippled boy, his faith discouraged, and his mind darkened by his past, he can remember. His dreams and ideas were shot down, his smile frowned upon, and always called out for his mistakes. "Was his opinion worth listening too?" You ask. "Or are you too busy listening to someone else? Someone of a higher authority figure? Or maybe just an ordinary person you feel might shoot you down, for your ideas or mine". The world is an evil place, but only because you choose to make it this way, you and many other human beings. Everyone has an option, whether it may be, to make this world a great place to live in, or to destroy it, with only animosity. Everyone has a voice, and everyone should have rights to it.

"I have a voice", I said. "And this voice, is mine". To you, I am nothing. To you, I'm no one but a random stranger, on the sidelines,  just in the background of your life, and I can guarantee you, that once we are done, and we've graduated High school, and moved on to bigger and better things, out there in this harsh world that will eventually make us who we are in the real world, You will have nothing to do with me. Hell, you might not even remember who I am, what I looked like, or what kind of person I really was, and this goes for me too as well as anybody else. But listen, and listen to me once I tell you, I as well as any one of you have an opinion. I, just like you have a voice. Ranking and childish stereotypes such as popularity, or how somebody else looks or what they believe in, how mature they are, or how much more differently they might think than you, has nothing to do with it. We are all deserving of respect, because we are all equal. She has a voice because this one's hers.  He has a voice, and this one's his. "I have a voice", I said.

"And this one's mine".
Hey! Sorry if I have not journaled in a while. Been pretty busy. Not to worry I am still alive!
Right now I'm just kind've looking around at different art work and so far I've seen a lot of epic photography and added them to my favorites. Keep up the good work! :D 


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Savannah Marie Kolstad
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Hi!! My name is Savannah Kolstad! I am a Senior in High school, and my favorite art related hobbies, are Digital Graphic design, Literature, Songwriting, and Creative Writing, and maybe some fanfiction every now and then.


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